About the band

Midnight Vigil is an original Rock band whose big-groove sound is a blend of influences from Springsteen, Van Morrison, and Brian Setzer to Led Zeppelin, Big Head Todd, Aerosmith, and Rush and is craftily seasoned with touches of blues, funk, fusion, folk, and jazz. 

​​​​​​Midnight Vigil is:

Mike Sheffield: Guitar and Vocals

Bobby Erwin: Guitar and Vocals

James Pugliese: Bass and Vocals

Nate Nussey: Keys and Vocals

James MacDonald: Drums


Midnight Vigil started in James' recording studio "Hilltop Recording Studio" in 2012. The original lineup included Bobby, James, and Jim.

After working with a couple singer/songwriters things seemed to be going nowhere for the trio. It was late one night while waiting for a singer who was a few hours late for rehearsal that Jim coined the moniker "Midnight Vigil".

Bobby and James worked with Mike at their day job and had tried getting him to sit in with the group for over a year. Eventually, in late 2014, Mike finally caved and sat in for a session. That one session led to many more and an incredible list of original material written by Mike and Jim which have been brought to life by the group.

Nate completed the lineup in late 2017 and the group went into the studio to work on their debut album.

Midnight Vigil's eponymous album was released August 1st, 2018. You can stream and download it from all the major online audio platforms.